Growing up in Australia, I discovered my passion one coin at a time in the arcades. There were so many games that inspired me. Early on I was captivated by the fantasy of being a galactic bounty hunter in Xain’d Sleena, a WWII fighter ace in 1942 or the legendary warrior Rygar, which in retrospect would have made more sense had I been old enough to have seen Conan the Barbarian before playing it.

One of the early rites of passage at Bonfire is building your own workstation, or as we like to refer to it, building your lightsaber. It’s a fun activity that doesn’t take too long — at least now that the experienced hands have helpful tips for future builders. More importantly, building your workstation reinforces principles that we cherish at Bonfire.

Team members at Bonfire should feel empowered to overcome any obstacle. In many traditional organizations, obstacles can take many forms. You may not have permission, access, knowledge or expertise to do something. More often than not, you’re just not sure…

Matthew Versluys

Engineer @ Bonfire Studios

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