What are the practices to be focused by a SEO Company to achieve results ?

SEO has a great impact in the present world. To rank a website number one in search engine, seo has to be done. There are many types of process involved in performing the action, always doing it unique and following the guidelines of search engines are important while doing search engine optimization.

Here are few practices to know before starting seo for a website.

1. Back links -Back links relevancy, authority and Variety.

2. Content : Check for the Content Quality and Length

3. Anchor Text Distribution -have a brand name followed by generic ones.

4. Update your content regularly

5. Always have ads above the fold

6. While selling or buying links have a no follow attribute.(Sponsored Links)

7. No Outbound links should be to low or penalized websites.

8. Don’t go for Auto Generated Content

9. Duplicate Content , major reason for not ranking

10. Focus on Website Loading Speed

11. Articles with lot of comments will rank better. So engage customers to your blog by allowing comments.

12. While doing seo for a local business. Check both IP and TLD or the domains that are linking to you.

13. Have most linked page to look natural for Google eyes.

14. Have the number of characters right for title tag and meta descriptions

15. Check for how many total pages your website has indexed in Google.

16. An Ecommerce site with SSL Certificate will be ranked high compared to the site without SSL Certificates.

17. Have an eye on the new back links you get. If your back link profile looks unnatural then your website is at risk.

18. Have Sitemaps for your site

19. Internally Link your site.

20. Look for the bounce rate of your pages and how long your visitors are staying on your pages.

21. Be careful in affiliate links. Google don’t penalize a website which has affiliate links, but in

the same way if you have a lot, then your site will be labeled as thin affiliate site, which

leads in the decrease in your authority.

22. Maintenance or server problems will be the reason if it’s happening often, so be careful in it.

23. Having so many HTML errors in your site results to sloppy coding and low quality site.

24. H1, H2, H3 tags should be used in a proper way to rank your website.

25. Nothing on your site should be over optimized.

26. Have images and videos in your site.

27. Having too many broken link will be a major problem for your website.

28. Use bullets and numbered lists to structure your contents.

29. Post your content to the relevant categories, proper breadcrumbs.

30. Check for Domain History while buying a domain.

31. Don’t buy exact match domains, but build a brand around your main keywords.

32. Check for Grammar and spellings

33. Allow the users to connect you in a easy manner rather that creating a about us or a contact us page.

34. Focus for your URL Lengths, and it’s enough to have just a keyword, don’t include all your keywords in your URL.

35. If you are having a ecommerce website, then it’s must to have a terms and condition page.

So if you are in need of a SEO Firm, then select a company which follows these above rules and techniques to lead your website or product first in the search engine result page. If you are in need of a seo firm in Chennai are, then choose the best seo company in Chennai from the here.