So Who Is Matt H

I ask myself this question a lot more than I ever thought I would. Almost 27 years old, already changing careers, recently graduated from college (a second time) and in limbo about what I want my …..well this is where I get stuck.

My end goals have never changed, the whole own a house and continue my some what financial freedom into the great beyond. The question is how to get there and have some kind of happiness and fulfillment along the way. I love playing the stock market, its fun, exciting and I’ve had some pretty good results over the last 2 years. But I am not professionally trained to help others and honestly I don’t really want to. This might turn into more of my thought process rather than who I am.

It amazes me that so many young adults my age have trouble managing their personal finances. Money becomes so important in life and at such a young age. Maybe society values possessions over piece of mind or financial freedom. The last 10 years of my life were spend along side life long tradesmen. Most had been divorced (some more then twice), they would always complain about how their ex’s were and how they got treated. The fact is that many of them chose work over their families, and well the rest is pretty straight forward. Now they have to work to fix their “mistakes” (their words not mine).

The trap is very real, especially for licensed trades people. The money and availability of work is staggering. But that lesson as already been learned, it is infinitely more healthy to use the mind rather then the body when it is your 60 hour work week on the line. Knees don’t seem to enjoy walking on concrete even at my age, I can’t imagine at the age of 50. But hard physical work has many benefits, I am able to travel through my once smaller town and spot the buildings I helped construct. I haven’t been able to replicate the same feeling of accomplishment with less permanent things.

So lets avoid the trap, don’t forget money is still very real and important, but I don’t need to compromise my body to get it. I learned very early on in my apprenticeship that great electricians sell more then just electrical work. They sell piece of mind and confidence…something that has a different and often a much larger price tag depending on the customer. Well there’s the leverage!! But where does the leverage come in the marketing world, sure there is this big hoopla over brand safety, having your logo right beside something harmful but I don’t honestly think it hurts anymore. Pepsi can have a massive blunder and still they are fine (the stock drops 3 points and recovers in a month, great time to buy if anything, which further corrects the mistake). I think the leverage comes from transparency. Transparency, that's the beautiful thing about transparency, its never clear.