Could Russia Shoot Down an F-22 Stealth Fighter Over Syria?
War Is Boring

The S-300 is going to shoot down the tanker aircraft and AWACS first. (The fuel range of the F-22 is half that of its Russian advisory.) the vast majority of missile shoot-downs were by infrared (heat) rather than radar guided missiles. (The Russian missiles use multiple ‘heat’ channels so as to not be tricked by flares.) They also have radar guided, and ‘anti-radiation” and “optical (camera) guided” air to air missiles. So, the Russians will have 4 types of seeker heads in their missiles. The Russian planes are also equipped with advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) jammers, so don’t expect to hit any Russian jets with any US air to air AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles that ONLY come with radar guidance warheads.

Ditching in the Mediterranean is the best option for the F-22 driver who finds his missiles won’t hold a target lock, and his fuel gage is on empty and doesn’t have enough fuel to return to base.