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I think you have the shoe on the wrong foot. You ask for data but you and Bernie have none. Our country is almost $20 trillion in debt and you think the answer is free college, free health care, free housing & food, etc paid for with the means coming from others or borrowed money. Bernie appeals to the most basic envy instinct of people. The “free rider principle” is well established in economics, and the failure of progressive theory is well documented across the globe. You can search far and wide for data, statistics, etc., but human nature is…..people act in their own self interest. You’re a psych major & should understand that by now. Bernie is in the pocket of the youthful voting masses that believe there is a free lunch if the government gives it to you….that is his constituency and where his votes come from…he is in their pocket. Many will eventually grow up, get a job, and figure out that there is no free luch, you get what you earn. You are the one who ascribes to the sophomoric sheeple mentality. There is no secret code….life is messy and your only security is your own ability…..unless an authoritarian government gives it to you at the expense of others.

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