A Conversation with David Berkowitz: The Future of Marketing & Web3

3 min readAug 11, 2022

In our Aug 11, 2022 episode of WEB3 UNPACKED (available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube), Rich Pasqua and Matt Sky welcome David Berkowitz, founder of the Serial Marketer, to the podcast to unpack game-changing web3 marketing opportunies and community-building strategies.

We cover:

  • How marketers can engage audiences and build communities with web3 and blockchain.
  • The importance of remembering marketing fundamentals.
  • How to adapt to new platforms and emerging technologies.
  • Balancing the risks of “failing in public” vs. more cautious marketing approaches.
  • How to confidently proceed into the unknown.

Episode highlights: (edited for length and clarity)

David Berkowitz: “The biggest takeaway is, remember the fundamentals. So, all the questions you ask of any other campaign or program that you’re doing, just, it’s so easy to get sucked into that shiny new object syndrome, and you don’t have to.

It’s refreshing that folks on your team, who’ve been doing this for 50 years and who have all that depth of experience, both in marketing and those who have helped, you know, write the bible for how your brand and organization live in the world, they become incredibly important, whether or not they’re the same ones, and they might be, who are championing, what to do next, and how to how to live and breathe and act in these new realms.”

Just expect a lot of things to go and change and morph along the way. Once you can get some comfort with that, then it’s still like the importance of being there, and learning now is so much more important. I hope we never get all the kinks figured out.”

Rich Pasqua: “Cause that’s the fun part, right?”

David: “Exactly.”

Rich: “Yeah, I couldn’t agree with you more. You have to be open, you have to be willing to kind of trip on your own shoelaces a little bit, but very important, what you mentioned, David is don’t forget the legacy that got you where you are now. There are tools in our tool belt that will never go away from a brand marketing design technology standpoint. Will never go away.”

Matt Sky: “So we hear a lot of terms being thrown around. We hear web 2.5, 2.7. How do we know when it’s just actually web3, how do we make that distinction?”

David: “Yeah. Well, a lot of it is like what we see with artificial intelligence, right? Everyone claims to be an AI company, and so when is it really something based on aspects of machine learning that make a whole system smarter without human intervention, without a lot of the rules-based systems?

It goes back to the old adage of you know when you see it. There are some things that are clearly, definitely in that web3 bucket that couldn’t have been done before. A lot of these new platforms and technologies. A lot of it’s, you know, marketing.”

Rich: “Yeah, and frankly, Matt, to me, the difference is truly being decentralized. So 2.5, that 2.5 is funny to me because it’s like, let’s dip our toes in, but we don’t want to lose our market share, right? Or potentially steer the ship in the wrong direction, but ultimately, you know, web2 was really about, the end consumer is the product. That’s the way large technology companies have treated us. Web3 is now, in essence, putting the control back into the citizen’s hands, the consumer’s hands, and they become their own, if you will, DSP, right? Advertising DSP (demand-side platform).”

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