The Full-Time Job Is Dead
Kevin Maney

As is so often the case, I feel the truth lies somewhere in-between. Wherever we are (Germany in my case), and what ever free-market or social-market economy we find ourselves edging out a living in, the once secure full-time job that would carry you from school to retirement is by far the exception today. The notion that we stay on one job at one employer for more then a couple of years is indeed beginning to be outdated, and good riddance to it in my eyes.

Going full freelance is not an option that everyone can avail of though. I have a mortgage to pay and a family to contribute to. Granted, we have a dual income household, but still, having to fear for half of next months earnings every month would put a heavy toll on me.

I think the greatest boon that the micro-economy offers is the ability to turn a hobby into a second stream of income. It will not only help financially though, but most importantly of all, it will help you grow your horizons and might just give you an out of a professional life that might otherwise feel like a trap. Plus, when your full-time gig does evaporate along with a company going bust, you will have something to fall back on as an interim solution while on the jobhunt.

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