Metaverse and CPChain To Collaborate On R&D and Promotion of Blockchain Architecture

Metaverse Team
Jan 25, 2018 · 2 min read
Metaverse X CPchain

We are pleased to announce that Metaverse has officially partnered with CPChain on the research, development and promotion of blockchain architecture. Moving forward, both parties will pool their resources to encourage the development and implementation of blockchain applications.

Combining blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IoT), CPChain led the call for a new generation of IoT technology. To that end, CPChain has built a basic data platform targeted at IoT systems that aims to remodel IoT’s infrastructure through the integration of distributed storage, encryption algorithms and blockchain technology.

Based on data storage and computation as well as consensus protocols, CPChain leverages several core technologies including parallel distributed computing, storage architecture, double-layered consensus mechanisms and lightweight sidechain consensus protocols to resolve the three major challenges facing IoT adoption: high barriers to entry, privacy issues and the lack of clear value propositions.

CPChain has successfully completed R&D of its hybrid double-layer consensus protocol and two other key technical components: distributed data storage and computation. The project has now entered a stage of large-scale implementation.

As a strategic partner, CPChain has built a basic data platform targeted at IoT systems by reshaping its IoT infrastructure to provide a comprehensive solution for data acquisition, storage, sharing and application, maximizing the value of data obtained from IoT sources. It is strongly aligned with Metaverse’s vision of working towards an Internet of Value, and will contribute a wealth of data to advance Metaverse’s efforts to expand the digital market.

At the same time, Metaverse will provide CPChain with efficient, convenient data digitization and asset transfer capabilities, increasing transaction security and individual privacy.

We believe that this partnership will inject fresh vitality into Metaverse’s ecosystem through the enhancement of Metaverse’s digital identity system and other infrastructure services.

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Metaverse Team
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