Metaverse Community — Soliciting Articles

Metaverse is a decentralised open platform of smart assets and digital identities, based on public blockchain technology.

With the development of the Metaverse community, we have seen a diverse range of participants. We believe that most people have their own unique understanding about the Metaverse project as well as the blockchain industry. Regardless of whether you are an old fan who has accompanied us since the ICO or a fresh face who has confidence in us, we look forward to seeing you share your knowledge and perspective on Metaverse and blockchain technology!

As such, we’ve decided to launch an activity soliciting articles. Share your ideas and thoughts with us — let’s learn and grow together!

[Article requirement]

1. Topics:

· Ideas and thoughts about Metaverse’s technology, ecosystem, project, investment, application scenarios and future;

· Educational resources and accessible introductions to Metaverse

· An in-depth look blockchain technology, etc.

2. Requirements:

Submissions must be original creations; no plagiarism or huge amounts of references to other works.

3. Word limitation: Word count: No less than 500 words

4. Language: English and Chinese

5. Rewards:

There is no limit to the number of articles that each user may submit. Rewards will be given for each article after they are approved.

[Activity Rewards]

6 ETP/500 words (extra rewards may be given), 1 ETP will be given for sections <500 words.

eg:1,200 word article = (6*2) + 1 = 13 ETP

[Activity time]

Submissions will be accepted from 7th Nov, 2017

[Participating way]

Please submit your articles to

Please use the email title “Solicit article –XXX”