Metaverse Establishes Strategic Partnership with GE-Chain

Metaverse Team
Dec 28, 2017 · 2 min read

Metavese has established a strategic partnership with one of the gaming industry’s leading blockchains, GE-Chain. GE-Chain’s 24/7 availability and powerful storage capabilities will provide supernodes for Metaverse by deploying Metaverse full nodes on the GE Treasure Chest. The GE Treasure Chest is a computer tailored specifically for the blockchain, with the ability to serve as a full node for third-party blockchains. This aligns its interests with open-source public blockchains such as Metaverse, since a greater number of full nodes increases the scope, stability and safety of distributed file sharing networks.

At the same time, the GE-Chain project will apply the sharing economy model to design incentive models based on the sharing of bandwidth and storage space.

Users will be able to obtain ETP in return for contributing bandwidth and storage space, while Metaverse gains stable full nodes, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, Metaverse can open up a broader market for the consumption of ETP and create a more robust market for digital assets based on Metaverse.

About GE-Chain

GE-Chain is a decentralized sharing community based on the gaming industry, mainly targeted towards small and medium-sized publishers and content providers, gamers, IP creators, payment and distribution channel providers and other partners that collectively form the gaming ecosystem. With a decentralized account and settlement system based on blockchain technology as its core, GE-Chain uses the native Nuclear Energy Coin as its settlement token to establish a common settlement system and platform across multiple games. In this way, it connects users and creates a novel blockchain ecosystem.

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