Metaverse ETP OKEx Voting Underway!

Dear Metaverse Fans,

Please vote for Metaverse ETP to get listed on the OKEx Exchange! ETP is one of 18 tokens that are first round nominees, and we are incredibly grateful and excited to be part of the voting process. The top 3 projects will be listed on the OKEx Exchange, and the voting time is from June 4th, 11:00 am to June 11th, 11:00 am Hong Kong time. Therefore it is important to show the power of the SuperNova and vote for ETP!

We will briefly summarize the voting procedures. Details on how to vote are in this link.

1. Duration: each round lasts for 7 days and 3 projects will be selected. OKEx will initiate 1 vote per week.

2. Rules: OKEx users and Prime Investors are eligible to vote.

3. a) Each Prime Investor can only endorse 1 project. OKB is not required for the endorsement. The top 3 projects in the vote must have the endorsement from at least 3 Prime Investors to be eligible for listing on OKEx.

4. b) OKEx users can vote by using OKB. 1 vote costs 0.1OKB. Users can vote on multiple projects. The minimum number of votes per user to be cast on a project is 1. The votes cast cannot be canceled during the vote.

5. The OKB used for voting can still enjoy the benefits of our Happy Friday Program, but the security deposit from the project team cannot.

Here is the link where you can vote on OKEx:

Metaverse, the New Reality World Tour Korea Stop Recap

Yesterday, on June 3rd, Metaverse kicked off the New Reality World Tour in Seoul, Korea. Senior members of the team, including Metaverse Foundation CEO, Eric Gu, gave keynote presentations in front of investors in an intimate setting. Korea is an important market for the blockchain industry, and we look forward to hosting more events there in the future.

The road show focused on disseminating blockchain knowledge, discussing technical solutions to industry problems, and developing Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) applications. Metaverse is currently working with 7 other projects regarding the implementation of BaaS into their platforms. These platforms include:

  1. ParcelX
  2. TulipEx
  3. WAT Foundation
  4. LeBlock
  5. Luxchain
  6. Coinsuper
  7. ALLN

Eric announced yesterday that these projects will form the foundation of the Metaverse ELITE Program Phase I. Luxchain, ParcelX, LeBlock, ALLN, and the WAT Foundation are all affiliated with the Metaverse blockchain, which shows that BaaS is gaining momentum and becoming a cornerstone of key technologies in different industries. The goal of the ELITE Program is to incubate promising projects by providing Metaverse’s infrastructure layer blockchain, allowing the projects to utilize solid fundamental technology to provide a basis for success.

Eric also announced the latest version of Metaverse, SuperNova, will go live on June 18th. The MVS tech team will first release a wallet and update on June 6th to allow all users and exchanges to prepare for the hard fork on the 18th. Users can install the update first, but the release will not work operationally until the 18th. We will publish more in depth information regarding SuperNova as the date draws closer. Please be on the lookout for more content regarding the latest version.

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