Metaverse Finwise Summit Review

From May 21st to May 22nd, 2018, the Metaverse team travelled to Tokyo, Japan to participate in the Finwise Blockchain Summit. This event marks the first time that Metaverse teamed up with the ZenDao and ZenGold projects, built on the Metaverse blockchain, to participate in a blockchain summit.

The Finwise Summit is one of the most influential blockchain conferences in China. The team consists of financial market experts and blockchain industry elites. The core members are from well-known banks, blockchain, consulting, finance, and internet companies. Participation in the Finwise Summit provides a perfect venue to bring together the industry’s brightest minds and represents Metaverse’s belief that communication among firms and industry practitioners is a crucial aspect of promoting the development of global financial technology.

At Finwise Tokyo, the Metaverse team worked to actively communicate the concepts of digital assets and digital identities to leading companies and investor participants. Additionally, Metaverse CEO Eric Gu accepted live interviews with Japanese local blockchain media. As Japan provides fertile ground for blockchain market development, Metaverse views Finwise as an opportunity to continue to expand its’ ecosystem as an international public blockchain project. Further, Metaverse continues to seek excellent partners around the world to add greater value to the existing blockchain and manifest its inherent commercial value.

ZenDao uses Metaverse blockchain technology to create a digitized representation of collectables, track collectible provenance, and divide ownership through tokenization. Rosa, a marketer working for ZenDao, is interviewed by Block Clip.
The ZenGold blockchain digitizes physical gold, providing users with a link to physical assets through cryptocurrency. Above, ZenGold project Manager William is interviewed by Block Clip media.
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