Metaverse Foundation & Acute Angle Cloud Form Strategic Partnership

The Metaverse Foundation and global distributed IaaS platform Acute Angle Cloud have formally announced a strategic partnership to jointly build an interconnected digital asset platform.

Acute Angle Cloud is a global, distributed IaaS platform built on the foundation of the Acute Angle Chain, IPFS protocol and Acute Angle PC. The Acute Angle Cloud will be iteratively improved upon through the Acute Angle Chain, Acute Angle Cloud 1.0 and Acute Angle Cloud 2.0.

The Acute Angle Cloud will position itself as a “Distributed Cloud Ecosystem” and aims to develop distributed cloud storage, public blockchains and hardware systems. Within this ecosystem, the Acute Angle PC is a hardware device based on blockchain technology and will serve as the PC device. The Acute Angle PC is a general-purpose computer based on the IPFS peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol, using the Acute Angle Chain public blockchain to manage digital assets and smart contracts to define user reward systems. The Acute Angle PC was announced on the Acute Angle Cloud on 12 December, 2017 with much attention from the press and tech community. The Metaverse Foundation was very impressed by Acute Angle’s product and expressed that it would have a positive impact on the development of blockchain ecosystems.

The Metaverse Foundation aims to invest in and provide guidance to blockchain applications based on the Metaverse blockchain that form part of the industry value chain.

The Metaverse Foundation and Acute Angle Cloud will collaborate on technical and market development to integrate advantageous resources, cultivate the blockchain industry and expand the pool of decentralized applications. Technical innovation will resolve issues with user-to-user trust, and can provide a new network of production relations as well as enhance the merger of community consensus, individual interests and the exchange of value.

To learn more about the Metaverse foundation, please visit . Details about the Acute Angle Cloud may be found at


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