Metaverse to Participate in FINWISE SUMMIT

Metaverse is to attend the FINWISE Tokyo Summit, held from May 21 to May 22 in Tokyo, Japan. This event marks the third time Metaverse has been invited to participate in the FINWISE SUMMIT.

In 2017, FINWISE SUMMIT expanded to Shanghai and Macau. Since its inception, the summit has gathered ~ 10,000 onsite participants and millions of online viewers across East Asia. Next week, FINWISE Tokyo expects to host 2,000 onsite participants and attract an audience of 8 million offsite blockchain stakeholders. To provide an additional sense of the media buzz FINWISE receives, the summit is covered by nearly 100 domestic and overseas media outlets.

FINWISE’s role in bringing together top talents, industry elites, and excellent enterprises makes this summit one of the most influential blockchain events in the world. At the Tokyo summit next week, officials of the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) will also be invited to debate and share their opinions on Japanese support and development plans regarding the blockchain industry, the compliance of the Japanese exchanges, as well as the direction of digital currencies under the civil law system.

FINWISE Summit aims to strengthen the communication among blockchain-related practitioners and promote the development of global financial technology. The core team consists of experienced experts from diversified backgrounds including banking, blockchain, consulting, rating, and internet companies.



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