Metaverse DNA Vietnam introduces the DNA Hangout, a rooftop event space in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

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Mar 9 · 3 min read

In late February we inaugurated the DNA Hangout, a rooftop leisure space atop the Metaverse DNA office in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. The Hangout overlooks District 1 of HCMC, and will be the venue for industry meet-ups and events hosted by Metaverse DNA. The first such event took place on March 5th, 2020, and consisted of a BBQ and beer private event for members of the financial technology industry in Vietnam.

The Metaverse DNA office was opened in the fall of 2019, as part of DNA’s official launch in Vietnam. The office serves as DNA’s Southeast Asian headquarters and the base for DNA’s events in the region. The office provides rooftop access with a view of Ho Chi Minh City’s city center. The Metaverse DNA team immediately set to work on converting the rooftop into a hangout area to facilitate industry events, meetups and as a leisure area for the DNA Vietnam staff.

The DNA Hangout was furnished with recycled materials, including tables, benches and a swing all constructed from used wooden pallets. This was complemented with plants and flowers both hanging and standing, for an aesthetic and environmentally friendly space. Construction was completed in late February, and the rooftop now allows visitors to relax in the shade, out of the Vietnamese sun with a coffee during the day, or enjoy a cold beer after dusk. As the DNA Vietnam office is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, it is conveniently located for visitors and for industry events.

The DNA Hangout was officially opened with a private BBQ and Beer event on March 5th, which hosted leaders of the blockchain and financial technology industry in Vietnam. The event was an opportunity for members of the community to see the newly renovated rooftop area and the Metaverse DNA office for the first time. Over 30 people attended the event, with representatives from VNG Corporation, RMIT University, Kingdom Game, Incognito, VIC Group, Clover Solutions and many more enjoying beer, barbeque, fruits and salads with Ho Chi Minh City’s downtown area serving as the backdrop.

The March 5th event will be followed by many more meet-ups and networking opportunities in the future as part of Metaverse DNA’s expansion to Southeast Asia. DNA was launched in Vietnam as part of the RightBTC x Metaverse DNA roadshow titled The New Reality 2020. This was the first in a series of roadshows, which will continue in 2020 with an event being planned in Bangkok in the coming months. Details of DNA’s Thai roadshow will be released in the very near future.


Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) is a next-generation decentralized finance ecosystem, empowering users and enterprises with an array of features like near-instant transactions, on-chain identity, decentralized oracles and robust security.

To learn more about Metaverse DNA, visit or follow DNA on Twitter at @MVSDNA.

For information on events in Vietnam follow the official Metaverse DNA Facebook page.

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Built on three core blockchain pillars: Security, Scalability, and Interoperability. The Dualchain Network Architecture DNA by @metaverse-blockchain

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