I once worked for a major oil company. One day my boss sexually assaulted me in his office during normal working hours. After that incident he groped me many times more. I did all I could to prevent being sexually assaulted by him. I eventually reported his behavior it to a member of the HR Department. Nothing happened. After months of dodging his continued sexual assaults, I managed to get moved to a special project. When the project was completed, my new boss offered to send me back to my old boss again and that’s when told him about the previous sexual assaults by my old boss. After that meeting the company management took the action of threatening to demote me unless I took a buyout check to leave the company immediately. It seemed to be the only way out for me because leaving the company prevented me from suffering a major mental breakdown from the brutality of the continued sexual assaults I had suffered under my old boss. I chose to leave the company. I am a survivor of sexual assaults from my boss, bullying from co-workers and from the company that chose to protect him instead of protecting me from him.