Coal Country Carnival and Corn Dogs

Monster of the Midway — Corn Dog and Lemonade — Bottle Toss
Scrambler — Carnie — Tap Dancing
Some like mustard, some like ketchup — Dunk Tank — Dunked
More Corn Dog People, A Heap of Corn Dogs — Strange Sights in Coal Country
Fish Fry — Fish Fry as seen from the perspective of a plastic fork — Back side of Jumping Castle
Front side of jumping castle — Confusion of Flags

I was driving down the road in southern Illinois the other day and saw this old fashioned carnival setting up. It reminded me of the hometown carnival of my youth in the 1960’s and early 1970’s with its mechanical rides, games and concessions stands. So I came back on Saturday night, ate at the fish fry, spoke with a lot of people, took some photos and had a corn dog before I left.

All photos ©2016 Michael Webster — All rights reserved.