Foreplay tips

Many women have issues when it comes to foreplay. Mostly we tend to assume, kiss for 2 minutes pull of your pants and boom! He’s in!

To achieve great ogarsm which means good sex aint just about how good the dick is or how naughty you can ride. Great sex comes in two parts; foreplay and the intercourse. The foreplay is what determines the intensity of the intercourse.

Your teeth, tongue and nails are so vital in this. First u should learn to multitask, foreplay is all about teasing and provoking the sex demons in your partner. You have to work on his most sensitive parts. Give his nipples tender kisses, make sure your lips are so wet alternate the kisses with bites switching from hard bites to soft ones, this will trigger the nerve endings on his nipples.

Another great part to tease him is the skin below his navel and above his penis. This skin contains nerve endings that flow straight to his manhood. Stroke him with your tongue against his blood flow which means work from below comming upwards. He will be dying to have you lick his lolly.

Flinch his inner thighs with your nails gently, trail on him with saliva using your tongue, retrail that line with your nails as u blow cold and warm air alternatively on the damp skin. This will make him gasp for air cursing the day he saw your ass

All this should be done at a slow pace, with love, don’t do him as if its a job u wanna get done with so fast. Make sure u look sexy enough so that the teasing looks real. I know you still left with a million questions, psst! I don’t want u to miss my next article.