Jerusalem and Christopher Columbus

One of my research group colleagues posted something today that made me remember WHY I am doing the work that I am doing and being the FATHER of Disruptive History.

His post was about the little know FACT that Christopher Columbus, the Vatican and Spain came to the Americas in 1492 to LIBERATE Jerusalem from the hands of the infidels.

YES! There is a LOT happening in the decentralization and disruption of business and legacy industry. We are DECENTRALIZING and DISRUPTING history!

The expedition of Christopher Columbus was to be the FINAL Crusade. And, in a way…it was.

The MOORISH Empire of Mexico fell in 1519 to Hernando Cortes. The FALL of the mandINKA Empire of the Moors fell when in 1531, Pizarro and a group of 180 Spanish and African soldiers sailed from Panama to the west coast of South America.

The ancient city of Jerusalem was at Peru, South America!

Thanks to Jonathon Ferguson for posting his info earlier today. If you are interested in knowing more about the ancient history of the Americas…we will have it for you.

Thank YOU for reading this.

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