The VALUATION of digital currency (crypto) and ICO’s

For those of us that are RICH in mind and maybe not in actual finances, our time may be now…smile.

The digital currency (cryptocurrency) invention has created a lot of speculation and opportunity for many of us that may not have been able to understand the nuances and technicalities of the capital markets, or maybe… didn’t have the funds, and/or disliked the associated high fees and invasion of privacy with Wall Street “investment” brokers.

There may be something available for us now. :)

I will write a detail of the VERITASEUM experience on another page. For now, this post is about the accurate and highly professional information of HOW TO actually find out WHAT these cryptocurrencies and companies are really worth!

Whew…That was the hard part…telling you what this post is about.

The easy part is just to give you the LINKS to the info and let the experts handle those details. The experts in this example is Reggie Middleton and his team at Veritaseum. Here’s a quote from the Website at Veristaeum DOT com.

The golden grail of investing is to find that investable asset that provides the greatest reward with the least risk. Alas, despite how commonsensical that precept seems to be, many “professional” investors and analysts seem to miss the point. You often hear, those who only see rewards (or lack thereof, ie. “Hey, Ether went up 150% last year!”) or those who only see risks (or lack thereof, ie. “Bitcoin is too volatile to make a good investment”). This last point has been espoused not only be novice retail investors, but by global investment banks, the Financial Times, CNN/Money and even the London Business School. I’m actually quite serious about this (Financial Times, London Business School and Credit Suisse) — all entities that really should know better.”

To learn about ‘a truly realistic risk-adjusted reward analysis that shows three out of four of the most popular digital assets handily outperforming most of the global asset classes,’ you must visit the Veritaseum website @ BoomBustBlog.

I want to learn how to take an entity, like the newly released Gnosis, and properly VALUE and financially evaluate the tokens and company. It appears that few have a clue…one word…VERITASEUM.

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