Confession time — I’m slightly obsessed with personality quizzes. I have taken more than I can keep track of, which includes everything from the Myers Briggs personality test, “pick random colours and we’ll tell you about your childhood trauma” quizzes and numerous BuzzFeed, “Which Disney Character Are You?” type quizzes.

The thing is, I like to introspect. I think a lot about why I am the way I am, and I seem to be convinced that the answer lies somewhere in these numerous tests found on the internet. So, I’ve been silently wondering about this obsession — the need to figure out the random blend of traits I’ve ended up with, what they can reveal about how I relate with the rest of the world and the fundamental question behind all of it: who am I? …

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I was going to wait to post these lessons when I turn 30 — which seems like a good age to begin assuming you can tell people how to live their lives — but I decided I was ready to impart my wisdom at the ripe age of 27 because I probably won’t miss any groundbreaking realizations sometime in the next three years, and if I do we can always revisit the list and make the necessary adjustments.

While most of these may simply be common sense, I think some of it at least, bears reminding. …

Celebrating Life.

I've been thinking a lot about how I'll be gone one day and what any of these frail attempts at life will mean. How will I be remembered?

And that's just it. I don't think we're told enough that your life is not all about your ability to impress a favourable opinion of you upon those around you.

Your life could be extraordinary or unremarkable and all that matters in the end is that you were here anyway.

So here's a toast to the indomitable light you brought into this world, and to not caring so much about whether or not anyone else thinks it's worth celebrating.

Singalilwe Chilemba

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