The Origin of Breaching the Parallel

Breaching The Parallel, Book 1 in The Future Past series, is an alternate history, military action-adventure novel published in the Summer of 2017. I wanted to share some of what I did in this project as well as what I learned through the process. In this first installment, I describe how the story came to be. Very minor spoilers are in this article.

The core of the story was an idea that came to mind around 15 years ago. I thought it would be interesting to see a group of modern soldiers, with their equipment (like tanks and guns) placed out of time into an ancient world where their technology would be supreme, but where they are vastly outnumbered and where their resources (e.g. gas and ammo) would eventually run out.

My first task was to think about the mechanism of time travel. I didn’t want it to be on purpose (a time machine) but an ‘accident’ of some kind. A nuclear detonation seemed like the most plausible source of energy and I started thinking about where to arrange one. I first thought of the Middle East because there are lots of US Army troops sprinkled around the theater already.

Then I started thinking about what would be in this area in the past. Turns out there was a lot going on in the Middle East at around 1,000 BC (my rough target date) which I didn’t like. I wanted the soldiers to be in a more remote location so they didn’t get overwhelmed right away and so there would be more mystery in it for them.

Instead I turned my eyes to Korea for a couple of reasons. First, because North Korea has nukes and a history of belligerence. They are in the news daily and will likely be a trouble spot for years, that makes it seem plausible as a location for ground conflict. The second reason I liked Korea for the location was because of the antagonists and situations that I envisioned for the book and the series.

Once I had this framework in place, then it was a matter of coming up with characters and letting things unfold. It really started writing itself at this point. It was exciting to watch the world take shape. Then I started thinking ahead to where the second book would go. I like what the first book is, but the second book will take everything up a notch with more action, intrigue and reveals. I tried to keep Book 1 simple to setup Book 2 for things to get more complicated. I’ve also done a lot of research to prepare for Book 2 and I’m excited to get working on it.

Watch for future articles about Breaching the Parallel and my experiences as a new author. Breaching the Parallel is available to read for Free with Kindle Unlimited, or $4.99 as a stand alone eBook purchase at Amazon.