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Waking up with anxiety on the fourth day of the boot camp so as to look at the feedback form from my facilitator to find in which areas I need to improve on.Feeling disappointed to find that I had already disappointed my facilitator I said to myself that I have to work hard to cleanse what had happened and not to repeat the mistakes.
I wondered will the labs allow me through today? since the previous day, they were full of errors and I could not submit but up to now am still working on them so as to complete them in time. Andela boot camp is fun such that I have to accomplish a daily task, learn new things and submit on time.

So far so good, having been given a platform to learn and solve real life problems through the labs it’s amazing. Waking up in the morning and preparing myself to start the day with the tasks that should be submitted on time gives me more energy and eager to complete and do a good work. As a programmer, writing codes with bugs and later getting to know where the mess is it’s a great achievement! and that’s the feeling I have in this boot camp. With python, i would say The struggle continues, victory is certain (A Luta continua).

Recalling the days i was young and the time came that i hand to stop moving with my hands plus the knees on the ground and i had to stand up and walk on my two feet,holding on objects and through the help of my mum i made it.
Thats the same way i feel in this boot camp,learning new things each day and having great fellows who are willing to help me when am stack to make sure i stand firm in learning the code and in my ambition of becoming a world class developer.I have been learning new things each day and burning them in my ROM.It is a great moment interacting with peoples with passion and know how of solving real world problems.I believe i will be great in coding and looking forward to become a fellow.The boot camp is amazing!

It was after finishing all the theoretical quizzes in the home-study that i turned to the labs quizzes,after reading the question about the tax
i saw seven tests below and thought they were the answers for me to choose from,i wrote the first test in answer window and submitted just to get a response that i have failed the tests and a half full page of errors on my laptop.
Then i wrote all the tests on the window and submitted to get the same response and wondered if this is the Python’s venom attacking me,Not giving up i researched…

Evans Mwangi