The Power of Thoughts

I recently started listening to an audio book that talks of growing rich as a science. A scientific process that if it’s followed the outcome is certain. I was skeptical at first; it seemed too far fetched. Though the more frequently I listened, and practiced the more my understanding and attitude improved. The book came alive and it’s practice yielded the results I was looking for in small ways.

Lessons learnt.

  • The ability to envision your goals in a clear and detailed manner is the first step in realizing the goals you seek. Many goals set are vague and lack detail. This deters your ability to transform your thoughts into reality.
  • Act now; If your desire to achieve your goals supersedes your desire for comfort, you will achieve your goals.
  • Rid your mind off doubt and disbelief. You must hold on to your goals with unshakable belief that you can and will achieve them. When a doubt comes your way; dismiss it as a sin.
  • Gratitude. Celebrating your successes as you look forward to more success. The mind that is always greatful has no time for dissatisfied thoughts.
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