Part 1: Story of my life in 100 words.

Hello. My name is Max Townsend Ward, born on the 16th of November 2001, and originally settled in the humble town of West Des Moines Iowa. There I learned how to walk and use the bathroom. About 5 years in to my life, my father found a job in the city of Chicago, and we moved to the suburb of Mt. Prospect. Unfortunately, my parents separated and I began to live in 2 houses. When in Mt. Prospect, I began taking guitar lessons and participating in sports such as football and wrestling. Now, I participate in wrestling and jazz band.

Part 2:Graph my life

Part 3: Music that moves me

Often times when I wake up in the morning, I hear my mom blasting this song. It helps me go in to a day with a positive attitude and try to think glass half full.

Part 4: 9:00 PM on a Friday.

At the football game with my friends

Part 5: A typical moment

Part 6:Influential People

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized modern music and is known as one of the greatest guitarists ever. He inspires me as a guitarist.

Quentin Tarantino directed some of my favorite movies such as Pulp Fiction and Reservior Dogs. They combine intense action, and have comedy aspects. He shows me to stand out and be unique.

The Nazis feared George Patton more than any other U.S. General. He helped lead his troops up North Africa, on to the shores of Normandy, and eventually wining World War 2. He inspires me to be a leader in tough situations.

Part 7: Quote

“No” — Rosa Parks

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