Chain React 2017

First, hats off to @infinite_red for throwing together a stellar conference. You would think they’ve done a bunch of these with how well organized the whole thing was (Power strips in every row of the auditorium? Killer.). With this post, I’m merely attempting to brain dump some short-term reactions to the past couple days. I hope anyone that reads this can find some useful tidbits of information. Note: TODOs are left there on purpose — hopefully I will come back and flesh them out.

Here are a few standouts, in my opinion. No offense intended to those I may omit!

Mike Grabowski did a great deep dive of the react packaging system and webpack — this was fantastic, as I had never truly noticed or cared what was going on behind the curtain.

Brent Vatne gave a great call-to-action for open-source in general.

There was some good insight and advice for thinking about app architecture and UX design from Leland Richardson, Javier Cuevas, Kyle Poole & Thomas Bruketta, and Alex Kotliarskyi. One thing that stood out from Alex’s talk (IIRC) was a tidbit about starting a network request at the beginning of a button press (TODO: prop name?) to save some milliseconds and make the app appear more fluid. Kyle and Thomas’s talk about gestures was enlightening as well, as thinking about developing with speed from a prototyping standpoint uncovers some interesting ideas about how to modularize code.

Parashuram Narasimhan (Ram)’s talk about mobile center was had everyone laughing, it was well done and really shows how Microsoft has taken to the software services side of things and is really killing it lately.

I met a lot of cool people and it was especially nice to put some faces to names I’ve met through this great community. Make sure and check them out on slack if you haven’t already — they’re always a good group to talk to.

I’m sure there will be more that falls out of my brain after a good night’s sleep. Cheers!