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Well done. This is one of the main reasons my interest in sports in general is waning. I dropped cable because it was expensive. When a less expensive option became available I realized TV was really a time suck and didn’t buy in. The only thing I really missed about cable was live sports, so I turned to sports writing — primarily on the internet.

The problem is as noted here: I can’t stand the politics in today’s sports writing. I liked Grantland’s balance of pop-culture mixed with sports, but I simply cannot stand 538, to the point I find that I actively avoid ESPN’s website because of it. Even if I agreed with every political point made in a sports article, it still contains politics, which I don’t want in my sports.

Sports is an escape to me, and so if I’m trying to escape politics for a bit, that’s absolutely the LAST thing I want in my sports reporting.

It’s easier to just not pay attention. I can hit the gym or play actual sports and certainly have it be a better use of my time over all.