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  • Jordan Arentsen

    Jordan Arentsen

    Web Hacker.

  • Tom Pospisil

    Tom Pospisil

    architect of web & mobile applications, musician and producer.

  • Matt Lacey

    Matt Lacey

    I help people create better apps. Also writing a book about it: http://www.mrlacey.com/book

  • Sven Lito

    Sven Lito

    Full-Stack Developer with a passion for Visual Arts, Distributed Systems and Functional Programming. Wafflings are my own.

  • Ryan H.

    Ryan H.

    Mobile & Web App Developer tinkering at all levels of the development stack. #React dev. #R fan. #ObjC vet.

  • AJ Lea

    AJ Lea

    JavaScript and Meteor

  • Simeon Willbanks

    Simeon Willbanks

    Software Engineer

  • SteveALee


    Open web accessibility consulting, developing and chatter

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