While Dems Babbled About Russia, GOP Passed Trickle-Up Economics Tax Bill
Caitlin Johnstone

If the author wants to be taken seriously, she needs to avoid gaffes like saying a bill that overwhelmingly favors the rich on the theory it will boost the economy, Reaganomics on steroids, represents “trickle-up” tax policy. Homework:


As for “decades” of alleged Dem complicity, I guess she wasn’t around for the uproar and GOP predictions of doom when Bill Clinton raised taxes or the debate over Dubya’s 2003 tax cuts, which needed VP Cheney’s tie-breaking vote in the Senate to pass. Is she blaming Obama for not letting all those cuts expire after 10 years? (I do, actually, but he thought he needed to cut a deal to get the ACA.) Turning back to the current atrocity, she names not a single Dem who voted yea. Last I looked, the committee chairman were all Reps: there were no hearings on the bill. I’d love to hear her suggestions for what more the Dem leadership should be doing.

Finally, to dismiss Russian conspiracy theories as “made-up” is premature. That Trump was the target of Kompromat long before he was a candidate is hardly controversial. Riches to be made in Moscow and the Caucasus were dangled before him, and it seems there was some money laundering through schemes for Trump-branded hotels and spas — just characteristically sleazy stuff so far and nothing damning. But Trump’s Putinphilia arguably goes farther than just a desire for better relations with a nuclear power, and I’m not about to underestimate what ex-KGB Putin would do to Make Mother Russia Great Again.