My Experience at Andela boot camp, day 1.

The journey to become a world class developer ain’t an easy one! Anyway my first day at Andela added significant experience in my life, ranging from new programming skills to massive interaction with 
other programmers.

I expected my second day to be much easier, somehow it was, but to some extent it wasn’t. The programming challenges that were
given made my life not very easy as i had to go extra miles to solve them, thanks to Mr Gee and other friends for their help.

All in all, the day ended up quite well because i gained more experience, typically, i learnt how to instantiate a class
in two different ways, that is with some parameters and with no parameters.


person = Person()

The same class can also be instantiated as follows.

person = Person(‘name’,’gender’,’dob’)

To make this happen, all the arguments should be initialized in the __init__() method.

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