Fave Five Apps for Families

In 2010 the word “app” burst onto the world’s scene earning the title Word of the Year as awarded by the American Dialect Society. An app is merely a program that more effectively allows it’s user to accomplish a function. They help us navigate life, especially within a digital world.

Apps are an every day reality for productivity at work, social connection, entertainment and let’s be honest, perhaps most significantly fun. Who doesn’t play Madden while waiting in line at the doctors office, grocery store or DMV?

As parents, its our job to teach and talk with our kids about the role that technology plays in their lives. But until they get their own devices, kids will use our mobile devices as much as they can. So here are some of the apps the Northridge Kids team utilizes with our own kids in order to discuss life and faith. Consider deleting some pics and adding these to your phone.

1. The Bible App for Kids

Whether you’re on the go or getting ready for bed, The Bible App for Kids is a fantastic tool to read or listen to Bible stories with your kids. The kid-friendly animations and interactive adventures they can discover as you use it will create a sense of fun and excitement around stories that point us to God. This app is excellent for infants through first grade.

The Bible App for Kids

2. Superbook Kid’s Bible

For those with kids second grade or older, the next step for digging deeper into the Bible can be found in the Superbook Kid’s Bible. Containing multiple versions of the Bible, images, story videos and interactive games, this app will help you talk about the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Another feature that we love is the answers to common questions asked by kids. Even if you use this for reference before connecting with you kids on a issue of life or theology, this app will help you talk to your kids about faith.

Superbook Kid’s Bible

3. Parent Cue

As parents, our job is to inspire faith in the next generation. We are to share our faith with our kids. The way Deuteronomy 6 instructs us to do that is by talking about faith throughout our weekly rhythm. At Northridge Kids, we send home monthly Cues, share discussion questions via text blasts and even have these Cues posted on our website (Ark/Hot Spot & HighPoint). But one way that you may more effectively be reminded to talk about what they are learning on Sundays in Northridge Kids is by having their lessons delivered to your phone. Use the videos, activities and questions as discussion starters with your kids throughout the week.

Parent Cue

4. Q Wunder

While not as popular as IQ, the term EQ is quickly gaining ground. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your emotions in order to empathize, diffuse conflict or in any way act appropriate in a given social scenario.

The folks at EQtainment have created an app that with shows, songs, games and questions to help you talk through scenarios that might otherwise stump your kids. While options for additional content are available, the free base version is worth the download and regular use with your family.

Q Wunder

5. Legacy Countdown

Are you losing your marbles?

Even if you think you aren’t, in reality, you are.

In our Parental Guidance Required series, we were introduced to the reality that the average parent has 932 weeks from the time their child is born until they leave the home. As a reminder to make the most of our greatest time of influence on our children’s lives (Ps. 90:12) we encouraged parent use marbles as visual cue. If you’re more in-tuned to an electronic visual then the Legacy Countdown app will calculate and keep a running timer of your child’s timeline in the home.

Legacy Countdown

While most of don’t have the space on our phones for each of these apps, we think that adding at least one of these apps will help you become more intentional in implementing faith discussions in your home.

Finally, for those of us who still don’t like living in the digital world, check out our post on the BOOKS we recommend for families of Northridge. We think these resources will be a help as you parent with your child’s faith in mind.

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Originally published at northridgekids.org.

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