MobX 5: the saga continues…

Michel Weststrate
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TL;DR: MobX 5 changelog and migration guide

Princess Proxy looked down at the crowd approaching the balcony of the throne room.

“Be careful, they are after your values.” Her father had warned her. “But don’t worry, you’ll be ready for it.”.

But today, on her coronation day, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. Her father had told her this day would come almost three years ago. But back then she couldn’t fathom it. And now the day is here.

Taryn’s Coronation — Carol Phillips

A hand was placed firmly on her shoulder. Her father. The king.

“Go, my daughter. Beloved Proxy. You are ready. You will do better than I ever did.”

She paused for a moment and glanced her father in the eyes. “How could I ever do better?”. She had always seen him as perfect.

“You have better senses, dear child.” And he looked her lovingly in the eye. “I grew up in the dusty lands of ES5. It blindsided me. But you don’t have to be hindered by my legacy. Remember all those times somebody sneaked into the throne room? How I never noticed? You always did. I know you will be top of every change.”

And he added: “You see all those folks? They will observe you very closely. And sometimes they will expect you to behave like an array. I could never do that. I just acted. For me it was a mere trick. But you are a the real one. And that makes all the difference….”

“I am afraid the counselors won’t accept my authority…”. She replied, frowning here eyes in concern.

“Oh, some won’t” answered her father smilingly. “Most will though, but some won’t. Like I.E., that stubborn old man… But I’ll handle him for you. I’m only 4.3.1 after all. If he has any further demands, just send him to me and be done with it. His son, Edge, is o.k. though. You can trust him. Oh, and that RN Android might give some trouble. But just order someone to manually update his JSC.”

A few moments of silence, and then he pushed her towards the balcony. See looked down. She could see expectations filling the eyes of the crowd. Slowly the king raised the crown from his head and in a slow, dramatic gesture placed it on hers. The crowd roared in celebration. Shouts of joy filled the air…

She was the new queen in town.

— -

TL;DR: MobX 5 changelog and migration guide.

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