A Brief Introduction to Mimble & Wimble Finance

Mimble & Wimble Finance

After a long night of concept development, the time has finally come to proudly introduce you to Mimble & Wimble Finance. Since late 2018 the team constantly discussed their thoughts and perspectives about how to improve worlds’ financial system by leveraging on blockchain technology. Why? Because we experienced a lot of financial obstructions in daily life ourselves and were confronted with the truth that billions of other people struggle with even worse financial obstacles to overcome.

We had to engage with a large variety of entrepreneurs, investors, and potential users across Europe, and overseas to validate our ideas and make sure to counter the financial frustrations they encounter in each of their countries. These engagements triggered a flood of enthusiastic reactions, what led us to the formation of even more concepts for short-term and long-term, all related to empowering the application and its users to remove the financial obstructions they face in the world of today. It is all about who dares to take the leap with us into the future, while not neglecting the one that existed before this digital era.

We believe that we can solve most (if not all) of the financial obstructions with a single application that can be seen as a Uber (taxi company) for finance. Therefore, we set out a vision for a financial application to enable everyone to become part of a decentralized banking solution, we do so by establishing a network of MWF Hotspots, that will function as independent mini-banks. You can make your MWF Hotspot functional with any amount of money. Thus, not only will the rich and well-connected benefit, but also those with little money and poor economic infrastructure — to ease and/or remove financial obstructions for everyone that at least occasionally has access to the internet either by phone, tablet or desktop.

What is of crucial importance to us while developing such an application is that its technical infrastructure is based on protecting the data of its users, that assets are secured by blockchain technology, and that the application is easy to use by kids, adolescents, adults, and elders alike.

We believe that the intertwining of this vision in combination with existing technologies, and Mimble & Wimble Finance’s concepts ensure that we, together with you, can make an impact on the now mostly centralized financial world in a relatively short time frame. We are happy to announce to you that the development of this application has begun even though no funds have been raised yet. Additionally, we promise to constantly provide appropriate support to this vision and application, both now and in the future, even when the entire application is governed autonomously by the Mimble & Wimble Coin holders.

Thus we have sought to be ambitious, but not idealistic, and leverage existing technological initiatives where possible to focus on better outcomes, and to maximize the impact of our software. Our mission is to ultimately develop a financial application that will play a pivotal role in the economic development of a country, especially in undeveloped countries. To play a pivotal roll in anything, you need to be able to bear great responsibility. Exactly this is where most (if not all) centralized financial institutions and businesses fail. We believe that a world where materialism is more prioritized than ethical values gets stuck in a loop of failure, just like the previous empires, from the Akkadian Empire to the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire to Nazi Germany. This is one of the reasons why we strive to bring harmony between all the components involved, to prioritize the people’s trust and accessibility, and preserve -and restore the Earth for the next generations. For the latter, Mimble & Wimble Finance will contribute at least 1% of its yearly net profits to the foundation that will soon be established in cooperation with various parties that think alike.

Mimble & Wimble Finance strives to restore and preserve trust by delivering blockchain-based financial software, FIAT -and precious metal gateways (MWF Hotspots), high-end secure vaults with boxes that can only be opened by its owners, innovative security technology to replace password back-ups, and precious metals backed coins for the governance of the application. Will you take part in this banking-revolution, and doing so contribute to the impact we are about to deliver to the financial sector of today?

We believe in you to encourage us to lay the fundamentals of a flourishing world of finance that is future proof, and capable of bringing a level of trust that can make people from all over the world feel understood and safe in a digital financial environment, due to its core that consists of security by decentralization and cryptography, privacy protection by e.g. the Mimblewimble Protocol, and the promise to make and preserve the application to be easy to use for all.

Take a look at www.mw.finance for more information, and purchase a Mimble & Wimble Coin to become part of a decentralized banking network, Mimble & Wimble Finance is an entity that we specially build for you…

The Mimble & Wimble Finance Team

Mimble & Wimble Finance

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Decentralised financial network on the EOS Blockchain.

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