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Mimble & Wimble Finance
Jul 1 · 4 min read

Being significant towards businesses is of great importance to us, especially because these entities can potentially become a large part of the force that drives up liquidity and the adoption of such a financial application that we develop. We found that nowadays many businesses around the globe lack access to the international community due to a wide variety of obstructions, therefore, we believe that the creation of an application that can unite all these entities in finance will contribute to the establishment of a borderless economy. Resulting in that businesses that participate in Mimble & Wimble Finance (MWF) will be able to improve their financial activities, and might even increase their revenue because they can connect to customers / clients / businesses from all over the world and participate in the MWF Hotspot network, doing so, they can mine Mimble & Wimble Coins (MWC) by processing transactions.

What can the Mimble & Wimble Finance application offer your business?
We are able to provide your business with an adaptable(modular) and by blockchain secured decentralized banking application. This application will allow your business to e.g. more effectively manage the company’s funds, act in a borderless financial environment with privacy protected transaction funnels whenever desired, pay employees, partners and/or other businesses in for example Gold, Bitcoin, MWC, Silver, Euros, Dollars, Yen, We like to highlight the following advantages:

  1. Making transactions with our application is very quick, unlike making transactions on your regular bank, this can take days. How we do this? These quick transactions can be made because the application is powered by the EOS blockchain and its software EOSIO. Whenever you make a transaction on EOSIO (the software on top of the EOS blockchain) you will experience the outstanding combination of powerful TPS performance (up to 4000 TPS and scalable) and cost efficiency (one-time payment for an account, and low network resources costs, depending on how actively you like to use your account). My first experience with the EOS blockchain was not long ago, it felt like the transaction was made in an instant, not even realizing that more TPS scalability possibilities for the future are currently being developed. The result of delivering a strong technical fundament by for the EOS blockchain paid off its fruits; the reason why we are now able to develop such an application.
  2. Our vision is to be as decentralized as possible, therefore, most of the application will run on smart contracts (auditable by anyone as we make these open-source on Github). Making this application a very secure way to interact with your assets and crisis-proof, because no one will lose their assets in the event Mimble & Wimble Finance becomes bankrupt, all due to the app’s decentralized nature, unlike when you store assets on a regular bank account. We believe ownership of your assets while interacting with daily life financial activities is crucial to temper -and slowly remove the rising lack of trust among those interacting with financial entities. For businesses, this can mean life or death when a new crisis kicks-in.
  3. Enable yourself to use privacy protected financial funnels to e.g. avoid having your assets be frozen by political warfare, counter unfair trading policies, etc.
  4. An excellent way to make transactions worth billions to any destination without delays. Even if there is low volume this should not be a problem for e.g. Gold, because there is always room for more digitization as its digital circulation is backed-up by partners with access to very large quantities of Gold. Meaning if there isn’t enough digital gold available, they can quickly and easily get sufficient digital Gold (1:1 pegged with physical Gold) into circulation to enable you to process your desired transaction.
  5. The application gives you the opportunity to store your physical assets more securely by putting it on the blockchain, especially if your company is established in undeveloped and/or criminal-active areas, where theft and/or loss rates are high.
  6. Open-up an MWF Hotspot to serve your area with a financial gateway to the international market while making profits with the additional services you can offer with this MWF Hotspot. One of these services is facilitating storage space for the valuables of someone else by purchasing or leasing an MWF Vault, and another service is to provide your customers/clients conversions between physical and digital assets, doing so you mine MWC as well. This you do by having customers/clients make transactions at your MWF Hotspot, initially you have to process 1 ounce of gold worth in transactions in order to mine one MWC. Every time MWC has been mined, the required value of gold to mine one MWC is raised with 1 gram. You will be able to share the amount of transaction value required to mine one MWC with other MWF Hotspots, then the MWC will be split.

It is time to let blockchain technology support you to prevail business-wise.

The Mimble & Wimble Finance Team

Mimble & Wimble Finance

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Decentralised financial network on the EOS Blockchain.

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