Jaunting through the blockchain sphere can be mentally exhausting when there is a lack of interaction

Mimble & Wimble Finance

Based on our experiences in the blockchain sphere, we understand that it can be frustrating for investors and fans alike to have to wait to actively interact with their favourite project. As the dimension of time in this sphere is by many perceived to be working on a slower pace than elsewhere, it is hard for many to stick to the initially committed loyalty to a project when progress and/or adaption feels or is absent.

Due to this understanding, we felt like to ensure that we can kick-in demand pressure and at least have one use case right off the bat when we distribute Mimble & Wimble Coins (MWC) to those that commit their love and/or investments to Mimble & Wimble Finance (MWF). Your first MWC purchase should become a memorable moment about having made a great investment, therefore, we want to establish confidence by making this promise of demand. We accomplish this by making 50–75% of the profits made in trading in FOREX with 25% of the raised funds (by our in-house developed trading bots) claimable by MWC holders.

Lessons originating from observing other cryptocurrency-related projects these last 13 months since the bear market kicked-in, learned us that it is crucial to actually deliver something tangible to those that interact with a project of this nature. We believe that unless the project accomplishes this, the cryptographic asset(s) involved are too vulnerable to a price slump by speculation, especially because speculation in this industry easily stimulates a lot of volatility up -and downwards. Therefore, it is eminent for us to have some components of the financial application we build in place already, to prevent our appreciated community from a time slump. Thus we worked our asses off, had patience, and delivered:

  • One of our coin-model components is that we will share with you the profits of trading in FOREX (we trade with 25% of the funds we gain from selling MWC). With the support of our in-house developed AI trading technologies, that have been intensively tested for a period of approximately a year, we have proven ourselves to be able to gain an outstanding profit. Therefore, we can confidently implement such an incentive mechanism into the value fundament of each MWC. Meaning that every time our team of professional FOREX traders together with the support of AI technologies make a profit we can create MWC action on the market by buying more MWC from exchanges with these trading profits. Upon completion of this purchase, we will send these to the MWC Smart Contract, to allow you to claim a portion of it (according to the amount of MWC you hold).
  • The design process of the physical form of MWC has started! There will be coins made of Platinum, Gold, and Silver (depending on the value of digital-MWC it holds). Upon completion of the first phase of the minting process, we will provide a swap service to enable you to swap between digital -and physical MWC. MWF Hotspots will also be able to take on this task. The very existence of this physical form will bring many advantages such as: making a cryptocurrency tangible, create an easy way of transporting value, stimulating the intrinsic value of each coin, and more.
  • The MWF Vault is a stronghold of security components, the development of this vault is complete, therefore, ready to be installed in your home or business. This is a very valuable additional asset to those that are planning to run an MWF Hotspot soon. From an approximate €300.000 for a vault with 70 -110 safe boxes to a €950.000 for a vault with over 300 safe boxes, all tailored to your location. Owning an MWF vault will give you the opportunity to provide storage services right after deployment on your location, a great addition to the other services of a MWF Hotspot. If you can’t afford to spend this amount of money or cryptocurrencies on a vault, good news, some of you will be eligible for leasing a vault in a later stage (ETA late 2020). Then as soon as the MWF application is complete you will be able to offer most (if not all) of the MWF Hotspot services. If you are interested in an MWF Vault send an e-mail to sales@mw.finance.

Conclusion, even though the MWF Software is still in development that doesn’t withhold us from being able to provide you with a lively MWF related environment until the complete application is finished and launched.

The Mimble & Wimble Finance Team

Mimble & Wimble Finance

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Decentralised financial network on the EOS Blockchain.

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