Kraznich promised to dedicate $300 million to building a more diverse workforce at Intel by 2020. Think about that: a massive announcement (and massive spend) that is nothing to do with output for customers and everything to do with ‘internal’ culture. Why? Because Krzanich understands that internal culture is now brand.
Travis Kalanick, Radical Transparency, and the Rise of Glass Box Brands.
David Mattin

Anyone with even a passive interest in the impact of a diverse workforce is aware that this is something which can have a dramatic impact on your company’s ability to serve its customers, to produce innovative products, and, perhaps most importantly, to attract potential employees.

The “glass box” is itself a part of the brand. All of this is essentially the black box painted to give you a picture of what’s on the other side of the box, or whatever they want you to think is inside the box. You think you know what’s going on inside these companies, but you really don’t know anything about it until the situation gets so bad that someone feels like they have no choice but to go public. Even then it might continue unchanged if the company isn’t under public scrutiny.