Beyond Tellerrand 2018 talk companion

Interesting keyboards

Transmitter unit for Stock exchange printing telegraph, 1907. More information

A model/insides of a 1950s ten-key Smith Corona Marchant printing calculator.

Ohio Scientific Superboard Model 600, one of the early hobbyist microcomputers from the 1970s.

Transmitting keyboard, 1800s. More information

Burroughs Moon-Hopkins Style 7205 Bookkeeping Machine. More information

Baudot five-key chording telegraph keyboard from late 1890s. More information

This is some sort of an internal keyboard used by Bell/Western Electric engineers to debug telephone networks. I haven’t found much information about it (yet?).

The classic IBM Selectric from 1961, an electric typewriter that changed the course of typewriting.

Sharp HAYAC-3800, one of the many fascinating Japanese office computers.