2019 is almost half-way over so it’s time for a comprehensive look at the current state of mobile app design — from UX patterns and visual elements to fundamental changes caused by AR and other uses of the camera.

UX patterns

First, let’s explore patterns that are emerging and that define a state-of-the-art mobile experience.

Tab Bars

While nothing new, Tab Bars are increasingly popular and that’s for good reasons. Primarily because they are easy to reach with your thumb while holding your phone (which keeps growing year by year), but also because they are always visible, allowing for easy navigation and clear guidance.

Nearly every major app uses Tab Bars nowadays. Screenshots: Mobbin

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

A few days ago, I started reading ‘Ruined by Design’, a great book by Mike Monteiro. In essence, he makes the case that we, as designers, have a responsibility for what we create.

So, to build on last week’s issue, where I wrote about ‘privacy’ as something that is finally getting more attention in the tech-sphere, I want to talk about how to design with privacy in mind. Because it is our responsibility as designers to do so. And to be clear, I share Monteiro’s definition of a designer:

‘If you’re affecting how a product works in any way whatsoever…

Martin Wiesemborski

Freelance UX Designer / Information Architect / Consultant.

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