Find your way…

Forgive yourself.

Forgive the people that hurt you.

Forgive those that take you for granted and make you feel uncomfortably small and insignificant. It’s the pain that you feel that shows you’re learning something and to run away from it all, with only hatred and resentment, will not protect you from it ever happening again. Do not make yourself numb to pain. It is difficult to abandon every emotional feeling you have towards someone. Sometimes you may never forget exactly what someone made you feel. Your very mind will be at war with yourself. Experience it wholly.

Choose to become better. Slowly you will realise with every step, with every goal that you achieve, not matter how small, you will look back to a time when all you did was block every stone that was thrown at you, and smile because now you are someone you are proud of, not because of someone else’s part in your life, but because your life is a part of so many other people who respect you and will never make you feel small.

Fight to be mentally strong in all things. This life is full of ups and downs and you will never predict them all. There will be indicators. Some subtle, some not. Protect yourself. There is a need for a wall. Not everyone will have the best intentions for you. You should not struggle trying to find those that do. Keep to yourself. Write as much as you feel.

Think a lot about yourself and those that are important in your life. Let go of your past. And try to catch up with life. Think big. Dream big. You’re older than you were yesterday, it will be harder for you to move through this life waiting for all your scars to disappear. In time you will feel better, become better, and you will find your place in this world, besides all those that never gave up on you, that never chose to leave you, that only respect and love you with all their heart.

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