My Life as Michael Withey

Part 1: A story of my life in 100 words

Ever since I can remember I have loved sports. I have lived in Mount Prospect all my life, yet I was born in Hinsdale, Illinois along with my four sisters. I have always wanted to play professional basketball, but height is holding me back. However, two years ago I was introduced to golf and I am now on the Prospect golf team. I also plan to try out for the high school basketball and baseball teams. Although I love golf and baseball, my dream of playing professional basketball has still not been diminished. I guess I will just have to wait and see what God has in store for me.

Part 2: Graphing my Life

Part 3: Music that’s special

The song Forgiveness by Toby Mac featuring Lecrae is important to me because it reminds of everything I am blessed with and that I am forgiven. Also, I like a little rap.

Part 4: Me on a Friday night

When I am not sleeping our watching TV I like to get a bit of homework done early.

Part 5: What I love to do

Working on my golf game.

Part 6: Who inspires me

Pete Maravich was a famous basketball player who dedicated his life to the game of basketball. He pushed his hardest to become what he wanted to be. Pete reached his goal and I admire him because of how hard he worked to become what he wanted to be. However, what I admire most about him is that he became a Christian after he retired and did not want to be remembered as a great basketball player, but as a follower of Christ.

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Ben Hogan was a professional golfer who got in a terrible car accident in the middle of his carrier. He was told who was most likely not able to play again. However, after facing the odds he came back and one seven major championships. I admire him because of his unwavering determination and love for what he does. I hope to become a person that never give up on their dream.

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Michael Robert Withey is my loving father and a successful business man. He helps me with all my sports and my homework even after a long hard day of running a business and a having physical challenges. I admire my dad because of his willingness to always help me and his never ending love for his kids.

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Part 7: A quote that I live by

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”

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