Week #4 LeadWise Academy Assignment
Jane Watson

Jane, when I clicked on your post, I felt like I opened a box of praline chocolates. not sure what to expect, but sure it will be great. and so it was.

I really really, really enjoy reading your posts and messages or engaging in conversation with you. It’s such a pleasure and such a gift. Phantastic how all three of such enjoyed the conversation so much. This intense feeling of a meaningful conversation that was possible with us clearly sharing an area where we could need help. (Memo to myself: Next time I’m caught in meaningless small-talk, just ask for help ;o)) Even though I love finding myselves in settings where I am the coach, I sometimes see myself feeling “restricted” to providing non-judgemental space and true connection. I know, it is for a good reason. At the same time, it was so refreshing to just be able to share what comes into my mind and what I think could be meaningful for you during our call. And as I said, talking about Theory U was the perfect preparation for the next day's workshop! Thank you!