Millennials, Your Time is Now

I was born in 1976. I grew up in the era of Reagan, the first Bush, the first Clinton, and the first Iraq War. I was excited about Ross Perot before I had heard of the Internet. I did not have an email account until I was in college. I was already in the workforce when 9/11 happened.

I am stuck between two massive generations: the Baby Boomers and you. The Boomers still dominate the public discourse — my generation is going to mostly get passed over you as begin to seize your time in the spotlight. And in the political arena, it’s carpe diem time.

Washington is broken. Healthcare is broken. College education is broken. We have been in at war throughout your entire lives. We have more people in prison than anyone else in the world. The racial divide that our parents told us ended before we were born seems to be as bad as it has been in our lifetimes. This year more than ever before, we have seen that the two-party system is broken.

Like many of you, I believe that our “war” mentality is doing us more harm than good. We have: The War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, The War on Crime, The War on Terror... the politicians in Washington declare “war” when they want to get rid of something, but they offer poor ideas and lack the real solutions to the problems we face.

I want to end the wars.

If you think that the War on Drugs has been a horrible failure that has been expensive, misguided, focused on filling prisons, and increased the racial tensions in this country; then join us.

If you think that the War on Poverty and the War on Crime do more to divide us, keep those in need struggling to stay afloat, and serve politicians more than actually solving anything; then join us.

If you think the War on Terror is a blank check to send your friends and neighbors off to fight unknown enemies half-way around the world, end up creating even more enemies, and feel its often all for the benefit of Big Oil, defense contractors, and other elites; then join us.

The questions before us are about more than failed wars. It is also about a broken system of government that has been rigged to serve special interests and ignore our voices. We deserve more choices without the corrupt influence of money in our politics. It is time that we changed the system.

We need leaders who are ready, willing, and able to embrace technology. We live in amazing times where the world is more connected, information can travel freely, and each one of use can choose to live a tech-enabled life that is unique and personalized to our tastes. While this can create a temptation for us to be divided, we can come together and be unified in ways never imagined. The beauty of modern technology is that this can all happen without the mandates and regulations of Washington bureaucrats. We have the power to do this ourselves.

Declare your independence and join us to end the wars, fix a broken system, and fight for the rights of everyone.