On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

You know…I used to shun the “red blends” or “table wines” because the wine industry taught us we’re a bunch a hokes if we drink that stuff. No true enthusiastic would drink a “Cupcake Red Velvet” or openly admit to liking such a breed of wine. But guess what? The vineyards are getting pretty damn good at creating all new experiences that are HARDER to go wrong picking randomly than trying to pick a single grape, style, region, vineyard that the industry has taught us we must learn, study, and buy “in the know” and impress our friends with our impressive choices. Forget that! I’m having more fun grabbing $3 - $5 bottles and watching my friends’ reactions at the “reveal” than I ever did grabbing that expensive Merlot at that oh-so-magical year for that “insider’s vineyard.”