Strengths Finder 2.1

Mike Malloy, Steve Graubart, and Matt Colbert at 1776 Challenge Festival

Three years ago I completed Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0 and reviewed the results with my business coach, Scott Mackes. My top five strengths are positivity, futuristic, individualization, communication, and woo. Yes, woo ;-)

I am the world’s most positive leader who communicates my ideas with individuals to inspire our visions of the future.

Positivity — Contagious enthusiasm to get others excited about what they are going to do

Futuristic — Inspire others with the vision of what could be in the future

Individualization — Figure out how people who are different can work together productively

Communication — Good conversationalist, question asker, and presenter

Woo — Love the challenge of meeting new people, making a connection, networking, and winning them over

As part of tonight’s Success Starts Sunday series, I took a look back on my Strengths Finder 2.0 results. Scott recommended the “I am” framework as a way to dive deeper into my strengths. The framework encourages you to write 5 sentences aligned with your top 5 strengths for each role in your life.

I am a CEO who…I am a leader who…I am a coach who…I am a son who…I am a friend who…I am a salesman who…I am a student who…I am a teacher who…I am an athlete who…I am a teammate who…

I am a CEO who always has at least one piece of good news to share, and I have the expert ability to re-frame any situation to be seen in a positive light.

I am a CEO who sees hundreds of new retail stores buying and selling our sunglasses in 2016.

I am a CEO who can pick out the perfect pair of Waveborn Sunglasses for each and every customer.

I am a CEO who builds a platform to communicate and amplify the impact of SEE International to restore sight and transform lives in developing countries.

I am a CEO who makes you feel like the prettiest woman or most charming man in the world once you try on a pair of Waveborn Sunglasses.

The purpose of this exercise is to think about how your unique strengths apply to a particular role in your life.

How can you package your strengths together to create a product or service to sell to others?

“Weaknesses never really develop. Strengths develop infinitely.” — Jim Clifton

Strengths Finder Resource List by Scott Mackes

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