All the inky bloodshed,

All the broken hearts shimmering like glass,

All the torn-up promises,

All the ignorance,

All the misinformation,

Each crime against each other falling thick

Like a toxic fog.

Huge swaths of death and cruelty;

Some still painful scars,

Some fresh and bleeding.

Both the wounded and the gunman;

Will it never end?

Some grieve,

Some dive into the pleasant azure

Of denial;

Some blindly, machine like,

Keep hacking with deeds and words.

Only those who truly make amends

To those they harmed,

And heal their injury

Without the scratching of blame and bitterness;

Only those who see with transparent eyes,

Can lead us to the light.

If not?

We will die, and the earth will flourish in our absence.

*An experiment. I’ve never written poetry, so this will probably be atrocious.