Dear Citizens: Call to Action: Demand an Investigation by a Special Prosecutor into Russian Ties

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/when first we practice to deceive!’ — Walter Scott

Okay, this is it. With 17 separate intelligence agencies looking into the Russian ties, the Republicans are flagging in their investigation. In case it isn’t as clear as a supermodel’s skin, 17 intelligence agencies from all over the world don’t work on a trifling matter.

From Manafort to the recently disgraced Flynn, more and more evidence has been appearing, not to mention Trump’s business ties. I’m here to argue that whether you believe the allegations or not, you should be demanding a special prosecutor.

Let’s assume the worst is true: Trump accepted a great deal of help from Russia to become president, in exchange for anything a more convenient foreign policy to help with developing an oil boom.

Who’s the most trustworthy group to investigate? It’s not the Republicans, since they are so bound to each other. They know that, if true, such a revelation would damage their reputation for decades. Thus, they will be avoiding it, being vague, or deciding there suddenly isn’t enough money.

It’s not a opposition party led investigation, because they may have impure motives and try to tear down their opponents.

The intelligence agencies? Since they deal in secrets, we are extremely unlikely to be informed, and since they are either part of our government or a foreign government, there is still a confidence issue.

A special prosecutor is the best option.

What if it’s just a smear campaign? I doubt that, but if so, a special prosecutor is still the answer. The bias would be going a different way, but it would still be there. An unbiased source would be the best way to shut down such rumors.

Either way, we need questions answered, and either situation has terrible implications. Call, write, protest, go to town halls, tweet, and sit on the lawn if you have to.

Sleep well and be strong.