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I could answer you, but I feel it would take a whole piece to do so effectively. I will however point out that most women showed up because of his misogynistic remarks and now actions, his open racism, and general prejudice. This has been proven by his actions. Secondly, he isn’t very smart. He inherited his fortune and lost a great deal through his business dealings. He has shown that he doesn’t know how the presidency is supposed to work by issuing executive orders that are full of holes, ill-thought out and possibly in violation of the constitution and definitely of our general image (See ‘Muslim ban’). He is argumentative with our allies, has an unsecured phone (that alone is a huge threat), and has shown signs of poor mental health. He has appointed many unqualified people to his cabinet (for example DeVos) and suspect characters (for example Jeff Sessions). There’s a lot to fight against and for.

Secondly, his win was suspect. ~3 million more people voted for Clinton and he was elected by a possibly corrupt electoral college (possibly; but why would that not be investigated?). Therefore, it is quite possible he did not really win at all.

What rights could we loose as women? He has defunded Planned Parenthood and made statements about how women should be ‘punished’ for abortions. Basically, we have to fight for bodily autonomy.

What has changed as a result? We started a chain reaction of social action and have actually made changes. Did you hear about the ethics committee action that Trump took credit for stopping? That was an unprecedented amount of people calling their senators and representatives. An executive order on LGBT rights was pulled after the outcry over the executive order on those from Muslim countries. A great many politicians have spoken out because of the public pressure.

I could go on, but I feel it is time to retire from Medium for the night. Hope that helps answer a few of your questions. Will be happy to provide links.

Also, that thing about proving the news was wrong? A. Most of it was flawed polling (different thing), and B. The media is not one massive thing, it’s in fact so varied that you cannot make such a sweeping statement, and C. That was an old tactic he used in his campaign to get away with lying.

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