I could answer you, but I feel it would take a whole piece to do so effectively.

I’m not quite sure what you are referring to with the Obama reference, but to the best of my knowledge, he abided by the constitution. Also, your phrasing makes it sound like you are ok with that.

I did not say you were against LGBTs. I was simply putting it on a list of things that had changed as a result of the Women’s March and the actions since.

Okay, I did make an error by not clarifying what I meant by a corrupted electoral college. I know most candidates campaign based on the college. The problem was that several of the electors were found to not live in the place they represented, and/or held another office in the same time frame, both of which could render votes illegitimate. See here: http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/least-50-trump-electors-were-illegitimately-seated-electoral-college-members There’s also a link to the briefing.

As for both having health problems, Ms. Clinton has shown no signs of no being of sound mind. She had been campaigning nonstop, and due to most likely lack of sleep, stress, and poor food, her immune system weakened and she got pneumonia. This could happen to many people in the same circumstances. She — still sick — continued to campaign until she collapsed. She then made a startlingly fast recovery. If that isn’t strength I don’t know what is. Mental health is a far more serious matter, and I’ve explained in the above post certain symptoms that Trump might be a bit unstable. Physical health, while important, is not absolutely necessary to be president (see FDR, who struggled with polio while in office).

I think I addressed all your remarks.

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