Just Because Someone Conned their Way into the Presidency Doesn’t Mean you should Too

One of the responses from many people to the results of the last election is if a unqualified person reached the position of Commander in Chief (let’s put aside the question of whether or not that was by honest means) then why not them?

No no no! This is a terrible takeaway and distracts from the questions of what makes a good and qualified politician. Let’s start with what I think ‘qualified’ should ideally mean:

  1. This person has experience in a few levels of government and a solid understanding of civics, law, history, and current events.
  2. This person is intelligent; they are knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics and have excellent problem solving skills.
  3. They are sane, clear headed, and have nerves of steel.
  4. They have been proven to have a squeaky clean record and have shown themselves to be upstanding citizens.

What doesn’t make you qualified? A background in business (business isn’t government and never has been), wealth (politics shouldn’t be a pay-to-play game), being a relative of a famous politician (some things get passed down; some don’t), fame in some other area (considering the quality of celebrities these days, that might be a drawback). And so on…

So, don’t decide to run without real experience because we deserve better (looking at you Ophra Winfrey and Mark Zukerburg). Instead, study your civics and history, and then get involved with local government. Work your way up from there.

This is not to discourage anyone from trying, but to me saying that because a fool got into one of the most important government posts without real qualifications, you can too is like saying because a con artist lucked his way through brain surgery without any medical training you should be able to as well.

The life and wellbeing of the people, the bonds between our allies, the likelihood of war or peace, and perhaps now the state the planet would be in your hands. The fact that this corrupt lunatic (and what could prove him more corrupt than the events yesterday) hasn’t done more damage is miraculous. Take this seriously.