I’m not quite sure what you are referring to with the Obama reference, but to the best of my…

Oh, wait, the media. Knew I forgot something. While a great many aren’t watching mainstream news anymore (due to the amount of choice), I don’t think it was why she didn’t get elected. She didn’t do much campaigning in the middle states and didn’t listen to certain signs of weakness of morale. She also didn’t acknowledge that the old ways weren’t working (the one thing the country can agree on it seems), and could have used more campaigning towards the working/lower middle class. Along with prohibitively large amounts of voter ID laws, a great deal of misinformation, etc. there were a great many things standing in her path.

I will point out that I do not think the media is entirely innocent. They didn’t focus on getting actual facts and debunking both candidates sayings and actions (sadly, this basically adds up to thinking the public are smarter than they actually are). There’s been such a drift towards sensationalism as opposed to serious reporting across the board that I think we need to seriously address it. A bit of advice: subscribe to papers across the political spectrum + some foreign papers. Cross reference stories as much as you can and dig for facts yourself.